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New York Medical Billing Services was founded in 2004 and quickly became the #1 choice for private practices in outsourcing their revenue cycle management.

“After unexpectedly losing our internal biller, we had no choice but to turn to an outsourced option to handle our claims processing. I was initially very hesitant to go this route, but I was quickly turned into a strong advocate of outsourced billing and NYMBS. They have changed the entire outcome of the practice. I’m incredibly impressed with their efficiency. We were in a bind and they turned our struggle into a strength almost overnight.”

Brighton Family Medicine - Dr. Oberhauser

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The team.

Founded by a diverse group of software specialists, coders and billers, NYMBS runs a team of some of the industries most talented specialists. We utilize a fully comprehensive approach to blend talented individuals, cutting edge technology and industry-wide best practices to prop up each of our practices into success. We’re members of organizations such as the AAPC and the HCCA.

The Focus.

Our top priority is to provide complete financial peace. Blending a deep analytical, data-driven approach to each account with grass-roots, local service - you can focus on providing the best patient care possible, without worrying about the aftermath of getting paid. Full confidence in your practice’s financial strength is what we’re accountable to perform.

The Technology.

A fully integrated approach to each facet of your practice is critical to ensuring there are no workflow gaps.

We work with all kinds of software vendors and know each one’s unique intricacies. We’re eager to make valuable recommendations and to adopt processes you need to ensure mutual success.

  • Benchmarking - see how your practice measures up in virtually any category
  • Reporting - get insightful account details down to the claim level
  • Patient Intake & Scheduling - reduce wait times and significantly boost patient satisfaction with incredible intake and scheduling workflows
  • EHR - bridge the gap between physician efficiency and billing integration without sacrificing your preferences in noting patient visits

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Interested in joining one of the fastest growing startups in the state? Send us a cover letter and your resume to: hello@nymedicalbillingservices.com

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