Not a one-trick pony.

Bundled in our core services, inclusive within our single flat-rate fee, our offering continues to expand as we layer on incredibly valuable functions to our physician and nonphysician practice clients.

The demand for our team to continue to handle more and more areas of our client’s practices continues to grow. As we show tremendous value in one area, practices ask us to bolt on services and further drive results and profitability.

Our boutique-style, individualized service has set the bar in our industry - and we continue to raise it to new limits. 

We work with virtually every physician and non physician specialty and can help, regardless of your claim volume! 

Here is what we can offer your practice:

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Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management:

A fully comprehensive, A-Z billing service. Handling everything from claims processing, scrubbing, denials, posting, patient payments and more. You’ll have a dedicated, local team, familiar with your specific workflow mapping to achieve the best possible outcomes.

A/R Collection:

Whether you’ve been left in a bind with underperforming staff or an average billing service and have a large (and growing) outstanding A/R balance, or just want to start off on the right foot with a fully integrated cash-flow vehicle - we can work miracles with collections.

Patient Statements:

One of the most fundamentally under-utilized revenue drivers for a practice is their statements. We’ve mastered the patient statement AND we handle the questions or concerns patients might have with their balance. By owning this process, significant workload & bandwidth is free’d up for your staff.

Patient Payments:

Your patients will love the increased functionality we provide by giving them more channels to make payments. No more credit card numbers taken verbally over the phone! We use online, mobile and other technology to let your patients pay they way they want, on the go.

Bonus - this drastically reduces A/R!

Practice Management & EHR Software:

We’ve used almost every single relevant software in the market. This means we can hop into your existing suite or make the perfect recommendation on a system best suited for your practice.

The buck doesn’t stop with EHR and PM though. We work with inventory tracking, patient reminders, intake, electronic faxing, e-Prescribe (even of controlled substances), electronic lab requests and results and so much more.

Coding Audits:

The average practice is leaving lots of money on the table by incorrectly coding, or under-coding, their patient visits. Our experts will dig into your coding like Sherlock Holmes and uncover potentially thousands of dollars of revenue up for grabs.

We’ll also help to make sure your practice is not at risk for government audits that could have massive repercussions. Over-coding is just as fiscally dangerous (if not more so) than leaving money on the table.

We will make sure you’re right where you need to be with coding on each encounter, in addition to ensuring you stay ahead of any industry changes, coding updates or carrier alterations.

Insurance Credentialing:

If you’re a new practice, specifically, getting credentialed and contracted with insurance carriers can be a big barrier to entry. Time & dedication is just the start of what’s required to fully complete the process.

You also don’t want to leave money on the table by under negotiating fee schedules or RVUs. A pitfall that could lead to years of lost revenue.

Carrier EDI Agreements:

In order to submit and receive information, such as claims, to insurance carriers, your software must be setup with EDI agreements.

Electronic claims submission is critical to maintain a healthy cash-flow and speedy reimbursements. Our team will work with each of your credentialed carriers to ensure EDI’s are established and implemented successfully with each one.

This process can be completely hands off for you, the practice. The best part? Its all inclusive within your normal rate - no additional fees.
Want to find out if we’re a good fit? Curious to know how you measure up to other practice? Or simply want to understand if your practice is leaking revenue?

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